The Smoking Box – A Smoked Cocktail!

I won’t say it’s been a while, cause you already know that!! I’m sorry, please forgive me! Things have been so busy and I miss you too. So I wanted to tell you about my newest kitchen gadget! I bought a smoker box to make things smokey in minutes – it’s so cool!!

Walked into Great Gatherings one day and they were making smoked popcorn, so basically I was already sold. You know how I feel about my popcorn! Then they smoked some bourbon! And done. It was mine. Not cheap, but who doesn’t deserve a cool new expensive kitchen gadget every now and then?

It was really easy to set up. My first try was smoking popcorn, but the glass box is small so I put the smoke tube into the bowl and covered with plastic. Came out way too smokey, lesson learned – you see the smoke better in the glass box so you know how much you pumped in!! So next, I decided to make my favorite martini, smoked style!! A smoked dirty martini!! I smoke-infused the vodka before making the drink. Hopefully this video works:

You definitely want to do it outside, unless you want your kitchen smelling like a campfire. I guess that’s not so bad, but I just assume do smokey things outside if possible! I used the applewood chips that it comes with, but sometime soon I’m going to try dried herbs cause that sounds awesome!! So many ideas! After filling the box, I let the vodka sit in there for just a couple minutes.

Then I went to mixing up my cocktail with ice, a little olive juice, and truffle cheese stuffed olives on a rosemary sprig!!

It came out great!! The smoke added a layer of complexity to it that was really cool. I started thinking about next time – I think I’m going to smoke the vodka and smoke a little piece of bacon and garnish with that and a blue cheese stuffed olive!! Mmm! You can smoke a cup or plate of anything! Or you can just put the smoke tube under plastic if the item is too big for the box – like a big hunk of meat wrapped in plastic wrap! I’ll have to try that sometime too. I also want to try making some of my beers smokey soon! We took the smoked dirty martinis downstairs for a game of pool. So classy!!

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