Date Glazed Bacon and Avocado Salsa Eggs

Bacon on its own is great, but I like to doctor it up a little sometimes. This will be short and sweet cause of how easy it is! I got some bacon strips (good thick center cut) laid out on a cooking rack to bake in the oven. Put foil underneath the rack to catch the sticky drippings. Then just spread a thin layer of date syrup on each slice!

Then I sprinkled on some black pepper.

I baked it at 375 til it got nice and crisped up, a little extra crispy on the edges. While all that was going good in the oven, I made some eggs over easy and thought I’d top them with avocado salsa by Tostitos, my favorite new easy button when the avocados at the store aren’t ready for guacamole. This needs no doctoring, you can actually taste the avocado, and it’s got a nice little kick to it.

I put the over-easy egg on a toasted roll with a little cheddar cheese and spooned on the avocado salsa. Got it plated up nice and pretty with a little fruit – pineapple and grapes – on the side.

It was both beautiful and delicious!! Adding sweetness to savory bacon is so fabulous. Mmmmmouthwatering just thinking back to it!

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