Chili Season!

Even though it seems like summer just keeps hanging around, it felt like there might be hope for fall weather this weekend, so I made some chili!! Chili is so easy and there are no right or wrong ways to do it. I want you to feel comfortable doing chili any way you like it! For me, the impetus was to finish off the last of some smoked brisket in the freezer to make way for an upcoming meat smoking fest (nothing formal, just bought a lot of meat last weekend!!).

I freezer packed the smoked brisket several months ago with my food saver. Still good!! Everything else was veggies I had on hand and stuff from the cans!

I started by getting some red onions, celery, bell peppers, and jalapeños sautéed in the Instapot.

Normally I’d also add carrots, but I didn’t have any. It’s ok, remember, no rules!! Then I added in two cans of sweet corn and a can of black beans. I don’t usually put beans in my chili, but I have a renewed interest in black beans due to a delicious fresh corn and black bean salsa I did recently, so there you go.

I diced up the smoked brisket into small chunks, still tasted so yummy and smoky, I knew this was gonna be a good one. I often do turkey chili (ground turkey), but don’t feel you need to limit yourself on the types of meat for chili. Everything works. I once did a bear chili!! No kidding!! Very gamey, but it worked. Probably a one and done thing, though. I’m so in love with smoked flavors, I just had to try this brisket idea out.

You can use all kinds of stuff for the liquid. I kept the liquid from the corn cans and added in a bottle of beer. I usually use beer in the chili – adds a little depth and a smidge of bitter to bring out the other flavors.

Then I added in a couple cans of tomato paste and a little water, some cinnamon (for that Texas style, and I thought it’d play great with the smoky flavor), and locked up the instapot for a couple hours. Took about 2.5, then a simmer down time for the pressure to release slowly.

And there you go! Smoked brisket chili!! The brisket got even more tender and juicy in the chili! This would work with any ground meat too, so be creative. Add chili seasoning and other spices to taste!! My home grown jalapeños added just the perfect amount of heat, and I hit it with just a touch more after topping the chili with cheddar, sour cream, and a little cilantro hot sauce. Sooooo good!!!!!

And even better the next day! Leftover chili is better than day one chili!!

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