Stevie Nicks (a momentary pause from eating and drinking)

If you follow my blog, you know that the theme generally focuses on food, drink, and travel. Well, it’s also my blog and that means I can authorize myself to deviate from my self-imposed subject matter boundaries. Just to be sure that this was within the scope of a “blog,” I confirmed the definition of … More Stevie Nicks (a momentary pause from eating and drinking)

Truffle Times Three! Truffle Chicken and ‘Shrooms

Ok, maybe this was truffle overload…said no foodie ever.  I love truffle flavor, which you probably already know from reading prior posts, based on how often I use truffle oil instead of regular olive oil. This time, I happened to have three truffle-infused ingredients, which was all it took to make this simple dish sing! … More Truffle Times Three! Truffle Chicken and ‘Shrooms

Napa: Day 3

What a gorgeous, albeit grey, view from my porch this morning!  The valley adapts to whatever the weather throughs down, and still makes it beautiful. We began the day with another bountiful country breakfast at the Harvest Inn.   Nestled into its acres of vineyards and its quaint array of cozy cottages, the inn is … More Napa: Day 3

Napa: Day 2

We kicked off the day with a short run and then a delicious, hearty breakfast to line our tummies for some serious wine tasting! The Harvest Inn does a great country breakfast that seems like it was made just for that purpose.  Our first stop was Markham Vineyards. I have been a club member here … More Napa: Day 2

Napa: Day 1

We touched down pretty early in San Fran and made our way straight to downtown Napa for some lunch. The Oxbow Market is a cool, indoor farmers market-like joint with some great open shops offering what you’d expect from Napa – olive oils, balsamics, slices, and other goodies. Plenty of lunch options, and of course, … More Napa: Day 1

Steak Night!

When you’re craving steak, only a steak will satisfy.  And that’s what happened last night.  I had so much turkey and all the Thanksgiving stuff from last week that I just needed a good ol steak. It was a great December evening to grill – chilly, but not too cold to grill up the perfect … More Steak Night!