Stuffed Eggplant 

Great take at the farmer’s market last weekend, I scored several bags filled with farm fresh produce. This included a nice big graffiti Eggplant.   So naturally, stuffed Eggplant came to mind, stuffed with ground turkey, tomatoes, and Italian herbs.  The striations on the graffiti eggplants are so pretty! They don’t stay this vibrant when … More Stuffed Eggplant 

Beach Eats Two!

More beach, more seafood. Can’t get enough? Me neither. I love the Outer Banks. I know I’ve written about it before, but I spend a lot of time there so you’ll see it pop up again and again. And again. It’s not as quiet as it was when we started going in the 80s, but … More Beach Eats Two!

Beach Eats! 

I’m sure there will be more to come during my beach vacation eating adventures, which means almost all seafood, but for starters, here are two nights of my ocean-to-table goodies!!  On the first menu, super fresh seared tuna, fried NC shrimp, and fried zucchini! I crusted the tuna (caught merely hours before I got it … More Beach Eats! 

Gone Fishin’

Ok, so it wasn’t me who actually did the fishing, but I did get to benefit from it!! The hubs reeled in a some, fresh rockfish for me to turn into dinner, and this I did. I started with this nice big filet fresh off the boat (they cut and cleaned your catch for you … More Gone Fishin’

“Toss Sauce”

So I just came up with this name and I love it. It’s a sauce you make to toss things like, in last night’s case, brussel sprouts in!  I’ve done a really great one for Brussels before – harken back to the lemony dinner a couple months ago.  So many things can work for a … More “Toss Sauce”