Smokin’ It!!

My new pandemic toy – an electric smoker!! Not quite as big as my last one (the RV), but super cool and this one was free!! A neighbor was doing some spring cleaning and just didn’t want it anymore, never really used it, and I was like, um, sure I’ll take a smoker!! It fit … More Smokin’ It!!

“Go”-ing by RV!

I wanted to get a couple trips under my belt before I wrote on here about my new toy, just in case I didn’t like it. Well, I don’t like it…I love it!!! I spent a couple weeks intensely researching Class B RVs, which are essentially cargo vans converted into awesome mini-homes!! My research led … More “Go”-ing by RV!

Grilled Chicken Tacos

As you know, I love repurposing leftovers and oftentimes they come out even better then the first dish. The other night, I had a good bit of leftover grilled chicken. This was the first dish – nicely grilled chicken quarters with grilled peppers, shrooms and tomatoes and it was delish. But the next show was … More Grilled Chicken Tacos

Zucchini Lasagna!

Ok, so it was a little while ago that I made this, but I only just now realized I hadn’t written about it here! I did post about it on Instagram, I hope you’re catching me on there too because I post so much more @eatdrinkandgo on there just for speed! Anyhoo, my zucchini overflowed … More Zucchini Lasagna!

Bison Meatball Subs!

Most of my cooking is on the healthier side, but I splurged last night on a kicked up meatball sub because I had leftover ground bison and just couldn’t resist!! I bought some big crusty sub rolls (the carb loaded part of this meal that I usually omit) and went to town on them. I … More Bison Meatball Subs!

Cooking through Quarantine – a satisfying Thai peanut stir fry!

I have been incredibly derelict in my blogging about cooking, drinking, and otherwise surviving COVID, though I have been putting up a lot of captioned pics on Instagram, so hopefully you check me out on there too. I’ve made many good dishes, some great cocktails, and remain committed to eating and drinking well during this … More Cooking through Quarantine – a satisfying Thai peanut stir fry!