The Bubbly! Champagne, Prosecco, bubbles and babbles. 

I’ve been off the grid for a little bit (getting over a bug so haven’t been doing much fancy cooking), so I thought I’d just blog about something simple today. Champagne. I often focus more on the “eat” part of my blog and I’ve written plenty about drinks in context, but I wanted to just … More The Bubbly! Champagne, Prosecco, bubbles and babbles. 

Breakfast Pots

For an intermezzo between Vegas blogs, here’s a nice little morning dish I put together today. It felt sooooo great to sleep in, I think I slept for nearly ten hours. I love sleep. Back into reality from my Vegas trip, this was my first chance to sleep in. And to. Are a nice leisurely … More Breakfast Pots

Saucy Salmon 

This is going to be a quick post just like the dinner.  20 minutes start to finish. Find a one-stop-shop sauce or marinade, and your dish is easy as pie! Try this one: Williams Sonoma’s Maple Mesquite BBQ Sauce.  I didn’t have time to grill, but this sauce made me feel like I did!! I … More Saucy Salmon