NYE Dinner (a little late)

I just realized that I forgot to post about my New Years Eve dinner, but that’s ok because it’s not until today that everyone goes back to work, right? I didn’t want to just skip over it because I had to tell you about the lobster tails!

I decided on the traditional fancy dinner of lobster, not just because I enjoy it and it’s fancy for NYE, but because Whole Foods has the tails on a great sale last week. Probably should’ve gotten more to keep frozen for random acts of fanciness. Oops. Anyhoo, I figured I’d try butter poaching, or some version of it!

I began by simmering butter, lemon juice, bay leaves, and water in a sauce pan.

Got it hot, then added the tails.

Just need enough liquid to cover the bottom of the pan for a cross between a sauté sauce and a steam bath, about an inch and a half of liquid. I doused everything in the butter mix and then covered with the lid to steam/poach, opening a couple times to spoon the butter overtop.

I turned them a couple times. Lobster, like shrimp, tells you that it’s done when the shell is red all over and the flesh is opaque white. Careful not to overcook, or it get rubbery. Only took about 5-6 minutes. Then I removed the tails and let the butter mix reduce down by turning up the heat.

Perfect lobster tail! I roasted some broccolini and red peppers for a nice healthy base and squeezed some fresh lemon on them for the roasting, drizzled a little EVOO and sprinkled some salt and pepper.

When the tail was still warm, I used kitchen shears to cut through the shell and carefully pull out the meat. I poured the reduced butter sauce on the veggies and laid the lobster tail atop.

I made a light truffle mustard sauce to drizzle on everything, just combining a couple tablespoons of a truffle mustard, some fresh lemon juice, and a little more butter! It came out wonderful and fancy enough for our NYE dinner!!

Of course, I had to have a cheeseboard to go along for the pickings while we were killing time before the ball drop!

Happy 2020!!! Here’s to good eats, drinks, and travels in the New Year!!!

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