Hanger Steak and Roasted Veggies

I am waaaay behind on posting on here!! You know how life’s distractions just get you going in all sorts of directions? Well, such is life!! But I’d like to try and get better about my posting on here (please also follow on Instagram, as I post lots of pics and bits all of the time on there!!). This simple meal was so delicious and with the perfect pairing of flavors, it was so easy!!

I know I’ve talked about hanger steak here before, but I’ll remind you again that particularly for those who like their steak on the rare side, this is a great cut. I portioned out individual-sized chunks from a larger cut and froze them for when the craving for steak beckoned! Perfect for a solo dining evening while the fam was out of town this weekend!

I picked some fresh rosemary from my garden and tossed chunks of baby Bella mushrooms, zucchini, and orange cauliflower with some garlic truffle oil, salt and pepper for a nice flavoring to roast them up. Then I smeared the steak with the same!

Got the veggies in at 375 for a while to get them nice and roasty for the natural carmelizing process to take them to the ideal flavor level. I seared the steak in a hot pan with garlic truffle oil, just long enough to get a nice sear on both sides.

Then I finished the steak in the oven with the veggies, which had been in about 20 minutes, so another 5-7 min with the steak would be just perfect!! It was a thick hunka steak, so I felt like 5-7 minutes time would be perfect to get it rare and succulent! Do what feels right with your steak!

Took the steak out to rest and got the veggies plated. Then added the steak and drizzled it all with a blueberry balsamic glaze for a sweet tang to go with the savory garlic, truffle, and herb cooking flavors.

I selected a nice dusty bottle of one of my favorite Napa reds by Clos du Val, the Petit Verdot. Not a lot of wineries make a pure Petit Verdot, but this one does and it’s fabulous. It tastes like Napa.

And I knew it would pair perfectly with the nice, rich, juicy hanger steak. My mouth is watering now just thinking back to how good it was!!

The satisfaction of nailing your favorite cooking temperature is pure bliss!! Cut in, admire, close eyes, put in mouth, enjoy!!! Damn this was a good meal!! A great wine and steak pairing! And pretty simple with the right ingredients, right?

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