If you can make an omlette, you can make a frittata. If you can dodge a wrench you can dodge a ball. Ok, if you can throw stuff in a sauté pan that’s oven-safe, maneuver it from the stove top to the oven (one tragic time I decided to use a pretty dish instead of … More Fritaaaaahtta


You can bet money on the fact that this will not be the only blogging I do about cheese. I love cheese. I cannot tell you my favorite because it depends on my mood, whether it’s a snack or a meal, what the barometric pressure is, among other potential variables. I will post about cheese … More Cheeeeeeese…

National Wine Day?

According to the people who make up holidays, today is National Wine Day. I still went to work, though staying home and drinking wine all day is, I presume, how it’s supposed to be celebrated and would have been heavenly.  However, I don’t think it needs a day. I probably need a day off, in … More National Wine Day?

Travel write-ups

My travel experiences are of all varieties. From over seas to over the state line. Last weekend I was in Vegas at an opulent, gargantuan, gorgeous hotel and casino.  This past weekend, I was at a 12-room Bed and Breakfast in Mercersburg, PA.  Expect such variety here…I would like to set up this category with … More Travel write-ups

Tonight’s opening – 2013 Markham Syrah. I believe this may be the first Syrah I’ve opened at home. I’ve tasted at tastings, never gave a real second thought to them, but this one is very nice. Light, but deep in berry and dark fruit notes, soft tannins, and good body. I don’t really know if … More