Mediterranean Porkchops and Quinoa

Five ingredients: pork, quinoa, Mediterranean spice blend, EVOO, and a mango balsamic. So easy!!

I had a nice no-salt spice blend by David’s. condiments.

One of the great things about the upcoming Summer Fancy Food Show in NYC (can’t wait!!!!!) is the samples and then getting to test them out at home. This blend was a nice, flavorful but not salty rub for the pork. I also used it to flavor the quinoa while it was cooking.

I seasoned both sides of the chops and got them searing in a pan with some EVOO.

Get a good crisp sear on each side and then cover to finish. Mid-high heat for about 3 minutes on each side gets a good sear, then turn down to a low heat and cover for about 5 minutes.

Simmer the quinoa with the same seasoning, about 2x the water to quinoa and once the quinoa soaks up all the water, it’s done! I always forget how much I like quinoa, it’s crunchy and such a healthy grain. This dish was so easy! I plated the pork atop the quinoa.

I had this cool mango pulp balsamic I was dying to try out and thought that’d be fun on top.

Fruity and tangy!! Random cool find at Home Goods, of course. I drizzled this one top of everything.

Flavorful, tangy, sweet, cool textures…an all around delicious dish!! The hubs adored it and I was thrilled because it was such a spontaneous meal when I thought I had nothing to make for dinner! Luckily I always have some proteins in the freezer!

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