Sweet Glazed Salmon and Sesame Roasted Veggies

This was was simple and delicious. I stood in my kitchen a good bit earlier than dinner time yesterday realizing I had absolutely nothing to do, which is so rare. So naturally I started playing with food (trying not to eat it). I was making my lunch salads and thought I’d slice up some extra radish and do something with it for dinner. Then I grabbed a zucchini and sliced that up.

Then, in an expression of boredom, I arranged them in a cute pattern on the cutting board! Aha! Idea for next party to do with dippers like these!!

I decided I’d roast them and I was in a sesame mood. I am also on a roasted broccoli kick so I added some large format broccoli on there and drizzled sesame oil on everything.

Grabbed some corn too, why not?

I got the veggies roasting on 375 for about half hour til everything roasted to lightly browned.

I bought some good lookin salmon at the store earlier and got that ready.

I thought a sweet glaze on the salmon would pair nicely with the sesame veggies and I happened to have a great sauce opened by Terrapin Ridge Farms, the Hot Pepper Peach Bourbon sauce. Sprinkled some rosemary salt by Gustus Vitae on both sides of the salmon filets for the searing.

I like a good crispy skin and to do so, you just need a little EVOO in the pan and then place the filets skin side down and sear on a mid-high heat til you can see the browning of the skin and the bottom edges starting to cook (getting lighter in color).

I am always as careful and attentive as I can be so as not to over cook salmon. I didn’t used to like salmon when I’d order it, I later realized because often times it was over cooked. That’s when it tastes fishy – but it you get it just right, it doesn’t have the fishy! I flip over just briefly once the skin side is well seared, only for a minute.

Then I flipped it back to the skin and added my yummy glaze. The skin does stay crispier if you don’t flip it back over, but I wanted that glaze to cook a little in the pan. The salmon is done to my liking (done enough so as not to be sushi) when the flesh separates easily, is the lighter color throughout, and is still very tender.

The glaze drippings into the pan are good to drizzle on top post plating. I got the veggies out and ready for the plate.

Broccoli gets so incredibly sweet when roasted! This dish sang thanks to the sweet glaze on the salmon and the sesame oil on the roasted veggies!!

Can you tell how tender the salmon is here??

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