“Grilled” Adobo Flank Steak and Veggies

I put “grilled” in quotes because I didn’t really grill the steak and I wanted to be honest with you up front. The weather was iffy and rain looked imminent, so I just used an indoor grill pan.

It works pretty well, but of course you don’t have that open flame-licked essence to the subject.

It was a pretty easy dish with some great ingredients that were just ready and waiting for me to put them to good use!

I also did something I very rarely do – I bought a pre-marinated piece of meat. Aahhh! Don’t hate me! It just looked so good when I was going wild at Wegmans (I hadn’t grocery shopped in almost two weeks) I couldn’t resist! And it was a good call!! I got the Guajillo Adobo marinated flank steak.

It was cut into two good portions. I knew it wouldn’t take long, so first I got all the veggies going. I got some broccoletti ready for the roasting!

Broccoletti is what I think the love child of broccoli and asparagus would look and taste like. It’s sweeter than regular broccoli and the stem is kinda meaty like asparagus. I added some sliced baby bellas to the sheet pan and drizzled it all with a little delicious wood smoked olive oil by Lebherz Oil and Vinegar Emporium (L.O.V.E.).

But I didn’t stop there! I decided to get wild and add in another yummy infused olive oil! The Jalapeño Garlic olive oil by Calivirgin. I love this and am sad to say this dish used the last drop of my bottle! Gotta find more!!

Combining the two oils turned out to be a great idea, if I do say so myself! I sprinkled a little salt and pepper on top.

I also had some fresh corn and a jalapeño pepper and got that cut up and sautéing in some smoked olive oil (one of the two great oils in this dish) as a base for the steak.

Once the corn was simmering for a bit, and the broccoletti and ‘shrooms were well into their roasting, it was time for the steaks. I got the faux grill pan nice and hot and drizzled in a little of the smoked EVOO, then laid the steaks down.

I let them get a good sear and then flipped.

Quarter turns on a grill get you those great criss-cross grilled marks, but it didn’t work as well on this pan. Oh well! Flank steak is pretty thin and cooks fast, so it only took a couple minutes in each side. I actually could have done it a little less (I like my meat rare!).

Be sure to let the meat rest for a few minutes to lock in the juices before cutting. I laid down a bed of the corn to start the plating.

Then I sliced up the steak nice and pretty, laid down the roasted veggies, and made a gorgeous dinner plate!!

This dish came out sooooo good thanks to the Wegmans marinade and the two great oils – plus all the deliciousness that fresh ingredients brings!!

I paired it with the Sunday Mole Stout by Weyerbacher Brewing, thought the Mile would be fitting for this dish!

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