New Blog Feature!! And Purple Potatoes

Based on a recommendation from a fellow foodie, I’m incorporating an ingredients list into the blog for when I’m dishing about a dish. I decided a cool way to do this would be on a chalkboard! Since I can’t navigate this blog template to do what it’s probably more capable of, I decided I could simply take a picture of said chalkboard! 

Ta-da!! What do you think? No comments necessary on the handwriting. I’ve been getting that since second grade when my teacher told me I should be a doctor. I went with lawyer instead. Anyhoo, the dish isn’t as exciting as the chalkboard, however, I did see these purple potatoes in the store yesterday and just had to get them. 

Purple potatoes actually stay purple when you cook them, which is what makes them cool. Otherwise, they’re basically the same as regular potatoes. 

I sautéed them up with Truffle oil and then sprinkled some herbs de Provence. They got nice and crispy. Had some great Maple bacon and fresh tomatoes on hand, so I sautéed that up as well and topped with sunny side up eggs!

Happy Sunday before Thanksgiving!! My favorite holiday!! There will be PLENTY of blogging about my Thanksgiving, and yes, I’m hosting. The turkey, the sides, the smells. Well I can’t post the smells, but I’ll do my best to make you feel like you’re here!!

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