Gorgonzola Mashed Cauliflower (a.k.a. Faux-tatoes) 

No, not potatoes – cauliflower. Yes, you can pass this cruciferous creature off as mashed potatoes. Or at least get very close! And you’re cutting nearly all the carbs (like I’ve said before, save the carbs for glass!). 

Boil the cauliflower til soft. I added a little asparagus for color and I saved the tips to crisp up for presentation. Once soft, I strained and then put into a bowl to make the magic happen. I first added Gorgonzola crumbles by Roth – I use this all the time on my salads. 

Generous amount of the crumbles will do.    Wegmans carries it, I’m sure others do too. It lasts forever, probably because it’s already moldy cheese! But oh so delicious!

So now for mashing the faux-tatoes (that would be the cauliflower and yes, I just came up with a great term for this!! Copywrite herein if not already so taken).  I guess it’s technically puréeing since I like to use an immersion blender because it is so easy and blends it up in seconds. They’re pretty cheap at Target and this one has lasted forever. Also good for smoothies, sauces, and fillings!

Make it smooooooth. Then mix in some flavor pump-ups like salt and pepper. For me, I needed a little more stanky blueness, so luckily I had some of Gustus Vitae’s Blue Cheese Sea salt to add in. 

Have I mentioned how great this stuff is to add on popcorn?!?  I love it. Not getting paid to say that – as you know from following my blog, I give props where I truly believe they are due and am grateful to creators of all cool things that make my dishes better!  Roth Gorgonzola and Gustus Vitae blue cheese sea salt make this cauliflower purée (a.k.a. Faux-tatoes) pop!! When passing this off as potatoes, you do have to add a lot of flavor enhancements to it. 

This was a fun one to plate. The cauliflower and asparagus mash up made a lovely bed, the asparagus tips I sautéed up to place gently on top looked oh so comfy there. Served with simple seared salmon (lemon EVOO, lime salt and pepper) and some beet chips by Hardbites – how great is the name they gave them: “Drop’n Mad Beets.” Found them at Home Goods.

This was a deliciously healthy dish. Plenty of wiggle room for you to tailor it to your particular tastes! 

#cauliflower #gorzonzola #beetchips #searedsalmon 

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