Game Day Buffalo Chicken Dip

I love football and I love making good eats for game day. So many simple go-To bites, but this time, I had an idea for a buffalo chicken dip and decided to try it. Oh how good it came out!! And so easy!

I started by cubing up some chicken breast and sautéed it in some EVOO and bacon salt (this is a combo of salty goodness, any salty flavors will do). 

In the sautée pan, after tossing the chicken around a little, I drowned it in a braise of beer. A medium ale is perfect for this. Once it got bubbly, I added half a brick of cream cheese. 

The I melted that in and added a bunch a blue cheese. Mmmmm. Let it bubble and thicken. 

Got it to a nice simmer and added the buffalo sauce. I love Sweet Baby Ray’s Buffalo Wing Sauce. It is perfectly tangy and spicy but without being-burn-your-tastebuds-off hot. 

I also added in some cheddar. Then I let it chill in the fridge overnight. I baked it day-of with a little more cheddar added on top. Served with chips, celery and carrots. 

I couldn’t get enough of this – it was so delicious. Major game day hit!! And with chicken, beer (which you better already have if you’re watching football), blue and cheddar cheese and wing sauce, this is an easy crowd pleaser you can do yourself!! 

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