Bacon Bump-up

Not that bacon needs any enhancements, but we all have our favorite nuances about it. The crisp, the crunch, the chew, the salt, the sweet, the thin and the thick. Bacon is always a good thing. I’ve heard it’s the nitrates that give it that mouthwatering smell and addictive taste. Who cares, it’s fantastic. It goes in, on, and with almost anything. But we can all probably agree on one thing – it makes breakfast complete. 

Here’s a little boost for your basic Sunday morning bacon when you have a few extra minutes to bake instead of pan cook it: sprinkle on some brown sugar, black pepper, paprika and bake til crisped. 

It gives it that sweet crunch as the brown sugar carmelizes in the oven. The black pepper just gives it a pinch of spice and the paprika adds a hint of smoke.  If you really want to go crazy over bacon, I highly recommend Ina Garten’s carmelized bacon recipe. It includes pecans and maple syrup and you will go nuts over it. My family lovingly calls it the “crack bacon” because it it highly addictive!! 

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