Summertime Dinner: Crabcakes with Mango Sauce

Nothing like citrus-y, seafood-y dinner ideas to make me better able to handle the heat of summer! (Notice I’m not making excuses about how long it has been since my last blog post!).

I had some hand-picked crabmeat to play with yesterday after our weekend crab feast and some good fresh ingredients to go along with! No problem coming up with great ideas!!

I decided to roast up some corn, red bell pepper, asparagus, and tomatoes, all doused in lime juice, a little EVOO, and some chimichurri seasonings as a nice flavorful – but not overpowering – base for complimenting the crab.

This chimichurri blend from World Market is my favorite spice blend at the moment. I saved the tips of the asparagus and a few red pepper slices to garnish later (one does want a colorful plate for presentation!).

Roasted up the asparagus tips once the rest of the veggie medley was almost done roasting.

For the crabcakes, I used egg whites and a little pancake mix just to hold them together. I also added a bunch of fresh basil and a squeeze of lime. Then I got a pan with some EVOO nice and hot and plopped the cakes down.

Let em get a nice good sear before the flip.

For the mango sauce, I cut up and smashed some well-ripened mango, added lime juice, a little Triple Sec, some more fresh basil (of which I finally have plenty growing in my garden!!), and a couple dashes of chili powder.

The chili powder adds just a little kick to the mango sauce. Got the idea from a magazine article I saw recently about adding it to pretty much anything!

I laid down a little bit of arugula and then piled up a great plate of summer fresh goodness!!

Then add the crabcakes and sauce generously!!

Voilà! A delicious, healthy, summery dish!

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