It’s Grillin Season!

Yes, I know you can grill year round and I used to do that kinda thing more often, but something about the warm weather just makes me the grill come out easier for me these days!!

I had a a couple good lookin Bison steaks ready for the fire and was itching to try out a yummy new chimichurri spice blend I got recently. Started with two sirloin cuts of Bison from Wegmans.

Seasoned them with olive oil and the chimichurri spice blend. That is just fun to say. Chimichurri chimichurri. I also sprinkled it onto some nice thick asparagus spears and some yellow bell peppers gettin ready for the grill too.

Got the grill nice and hot, then laid down my veggie grill tray. You don’t want anything to slip through the cracks, and I’ve lost many an asparagus spear to that.

I gently placed the steaks down to get those sexy grill marks. Quarter or half turns on each side do the trick. #grillmarks. It’s actually a hashtag!!

I took the peppers off the veggie tray since they were big enough to stay atop and I wanted to get some good char lines on them.

It’s so easy when the grill does all the work! Timing is everything, though, and you never want to over cook your steaks (unless you like them well done). About 2-3 minute on each turn on the hot grill, cover down, should get you to a nice mid-rare. I love grilling, I find it to be magical how everything just comes out so delicious.

A perfect grilled dinner for two!! Bison is super lean, very flavorful, and a great grilling hunk of meat. Came out amazing, first of hopefully many good grilling experiences this summer!!

And now for the mid-rare steak bite shot…

Mmm!! Paired it with a nice stout beer, since the weather was a little warm for a red wine last night.

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