Summer Fancy Food Show 2018: Part 2

I am so derelict in duty when it comes to posting about my SFFS experiences this year. Just can’t seem to keep up with my schedule these days!! Hoping for some miraculous early retirement opportunity so I can just focus on food, drink, and travel!! In the meantime, my apologies for the delays, neglect, and failure to keep blogging!! This segment will be on my favorite snacky stuff from the show.

There has typically been a lot of great jerky to sample at the SFFS, this year it seemed like there was perhaps a little less, but still some great offerings. Three in particular stood out for me due to their super uniqueness. First, my favorite one because it truly did taste like Thanksgiving!!

Fusion’s Rosemary Citrus Turkey Jerky was a cut above most turkey jerkies I’ve tried. It had good texture and great flavor and totally conjured up happy feelings of my favorite holiday, Thanksgiving. I can’t wait to track this one down. Great packaging too.

Next, a truffle addition to the jerk flavors, of course, caught my attention.

Righteous Felon Craft Jerky has some cool names for their jerky varieties and some great ideas in jerky additions, the Truffle-o-Soldier being one of them. I love truffle flavor and this one had a really nice hint of it in a good, smokey beef jerky!

My last fave of the jerkies was, get this, not meat! A mushroom jerky, made of just shiitake mushrooms, was very well done.

I’m sure it’s hard to jerkify a non-meat and really capture that meaty essence required for a good jerky, but Pan did a great job with this mushroom jerky. Good texture and flavor and a great vegetarian substitute.

The snack sampling’s were really good this year. A few stood out for me as “off the beaten path” and really tasty. First, a good segue from jerky because it actually includes dried chicken, was a play on chicken and waffles!!

Farmer’s Pantry took chicken jerky and packaged it beside crisp sweet waffle chips in a dual-pouch go bag! What a great idea!! The chicken was nice and flavorful and the waffle crisps were sweet to make a great play on the sweet and savory pairing!! Very cool!

Next, the Bacon BBQ Cheese Crisps by Whisps –

These favor-packed crunchy bits made for an exciting car snack in my ride home! They’re very low carb since the crisp is made of cheese instead of a bread-type cracker and they pack so much flavor into them it was at first overwhelming, but then entirely addictive.

Next was a new twist on an old song – Fisher’s Popcorn paired up with Old Bay to make a Maryland native like me take notice!

Yes, it’s weird to think Old Bay seasoning could work on caramel corn, but it actually did. Caramel corn is a bit sweet for me to go crazy on, but this was a cool, noteworthy twist!

I’m sure I’ll have some more snacks to mention as I continue to get through the samples from the show, but the above definitely stood out for me as some great grab and go goodies!!

Stay tuned for one more SFFS blog when I wrap up with a few more notables!!

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