Summer Fancy Food Show: The Rest of my Favorite Things!

It’s taken me a while to catch up from the whirlwind of the show and all of life’s happenings since then, but in my last part, I think I’ll just cover my other non-categorical favorites!

You know I love cooking with oils, spreads, syrups, sauces, and jams. And of course anything truffle. Well, I encountered a delicious truffle sauce and two delicious olive spreads at Delicious & Sons!! Perfect name for all this deliciousness.

The Black Truffle and Mushroom sauce was amazing! The sampling was on plain pasta, but there’s nothing I wouldn’t put this on. Sooo much umami goodness there. Their olive spreads, in particular the sweet black olive spread, offered such an exciting blend of sweet and saltiness that my mouth is tingling just thinking about it! I need to try more of their products if they are even half as delicious as the ones I tried at the show!!

And I’m always happy to see products I already know and love, like Runamok Maple!

One of their new infusions is the Merquen Infused Maple Syrup that has a really nice heat to it from the peppers. But my favorites are still the the smokey ones, in particular the Pecan Wood smoked maple syrup. Mmmm. I love their stuff.

A great new find (new to me anyways) was the spreadable pancetta by La Quercia. God this stuff was good on its own, I can’t even imagine how great it would work for a myriad of dishes!!

I’m thinking it’d be great to toss Brussels sprouts in, spread on a grilled cheese sandwich, any kind of pasta. Ok, so maybe not the healthiest of my finds at the show, but what a delicious one!

Another yummy find was the Smoked Bacon Chipotle Sauce by B. Bob’s Foods.

BBQ sauces are a plenty at the food show, but this one stood out for me. It was a great combination of sweet, smokey, salty, and a little spicy. Would love to try it out on the grill this summer!!

Last year, drinking vinegars were all the rage and I just couldn’t really get down with it. So I was a bit reluctant to try that kind of product this year. Glad I made an exception for Fire Brew.

These tonics are enhanced with all kinds of goodies to use as health supplements in the apple cider rage or, what I’m thinking of them for, in cooking and drizzles. I tasted several and they were really good – the kick of heat in them softens the tang of the vinegar. I tried the apple cider thing recently after hearing all the good things it does for your body and man, it was tough for me to get down. But I could definitely get down with Fire Brew. Looking forward to trying some out soon in my dishes and will share the results with you! Or maybe I’ll even be so bold as to engage in the drinking of them!

I’ll close with one of my favorite olive oils, as none of my cooking would get very far without a good olive oil. Calivirgin has an excellent line of premium EVOOs with some great infusions.

Last year, I discovered the Jalapeño Garlic oil at the show and since then, I’ve just adored everything I made with it (if you follow my blog, you’ve seen plenty of dishes with it). I also spent some time with the Guilty Garlic oil lately and love it too. Their dipping spices sprinkled on top of an oil on top of bread also make for the easiest and very tasty garlic bread!

I had such a great time, as I knew I would, at the Summer Fancy Food Show trying out new products and revisiting old ones to incorporate into my dishes and share with you!! I’ll have plenty of inspiration for cooking this summer, so stay tuned!!

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