Steak Fajitas!

My inspiration for most meals generally comes from one ingredient. That ingredient lends itself to an idea. An idea to craft a dish around. I think this is true for most cooking. Not everyone can be a star…well sometimes there are great duets and trios. The band needs to play well together, but it needs a lead singer. Yes, I just got off on a tangent with that stream-of-consciousness analogy.  It is the day back to reality after a long weekend. Anyhoo, my dish-spiration (new word, just happened, not yet sure how I feel about it) for dinner the other night was a great piece of skirt steak. 

 I found this nice  piece of meat at an Amish market that I used to go to all the time but it just got too crowded so I stopped. But I decided to pop in again and, in spite of being there a little late and lots of the good meat selection was depleted, this piece of skirt steak was just waiting for me. 

It made me think fajitas. The perfect thickness, size, and cut for some nice fajitas. This was so simple, thanks to a great mole seasoning blend from Whole Spice in Napa that I picked up in the Oxbow Market. I think it only took me about 20 minutes once I started cooking. But first the meat needed some one on one time with the dry rub of the mole seasoning and some paprika. 

I let it chill in the fridge like this for a couple hours. Then I grabbed the veggies and got going. I’m not a huge onion fan, though I know peppers and onions are tradish for fajitas, plus I didn’t have any on hand, so I used some beautiful red cabbage I also picked up at the Amish market as a sub-in. 

I sliced it up and sautéed it with some fresh garlic. 

Then added the green bell peppers. I do love me some peppers. All colors, any would be great in here, but I thought the green would look pretty with the purple. I like to have a good color palette when I’m putting food together. 

I gave the veggies a light sauté so they’d still be nice and crunchy. Then I got the steak going with a nice sear on each side which set in that mole flavor and carmelized it beautifully. 

Lock in a good sear, just 1-2 minutes in each side in a hot pan for this thin a cut, and then cover to get it cooked to a mid-rare on medium heat for about 2 minutes.  

Mmmm. I sliced it into perfect fajita bites.  I love slicing into a steak and verifying that I’ve gotten it to just the right temp. So gratifying. 

I only had the large tortillas on hand so I cut each in half and made one inside the tortilla and one naked for myself (to cut down on the carbs). I made three in the tortillas for the hubs who doesn’t need to worry about carbs!!

I put down the veggies first, topped with steak slices, then added the fixins. 

You can top with anything you want, I chose avocado, sour cream, and picante sauce (although it didn’t need any sauce with the great flavor in the meat!). 

Be careful not to overstuff your tortillas lest they fall apart. Ok, they may fall apart anyways, as mine often do. But it’s ok. Don’t worry, they still taste great!!

One with tortilla, one without. This came out delicious and it was so simple with plenty of ways to vary. Try it sometime!!

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