Healthy mid-week Breakfast!

I sometimes get the chance to work at home, and those are the days when I make myself a beautiful little breakfast for one. 

In honor of the ever-popular New Year’s resolution to eat healthier, I decided to try out a meat substitute that we used to get long ago when I was mostly vegetarian, Gimme Lean by Lightlife. 

You treat it just like ground meat/sausage when cooking it, so I decided to just make a couple breakfast patties without anything added to taste them just plain.  

Not what I’m used to these days for meatless sausage – had I doctored it up a little with some sausage seasonings (sage, pepper, salt), perhaps I could have done better with it. Noted for next time. My favorite meatless products these days are Morningstar – their breakfast sausage is damn close to the real thing and some folks can’t even tell the difference!

With the veggie sausage, I made a simple egg and stuffed it with plain Greek yogurt. I love Greek yogurt – plain or inside of things or as a dip. Sometimes I mix it in with my eggs in omelettes for extra fluffiness. It is so rich and thick and has great nutritional value as well. My favorite is Chobani, but the Wegmans brand is pretty good too. 

I’m not a huge fan of eggs generally, but they’re just so fun to do things with. I cracked it right into the hot pan so it got a little crispy and just barely broke the yolk. Then I folder it over the yogurt like a burrito. Then came the luscious, buttery avocado. I had been craving avocados – is that a weird craving? 

Look how perfect this fruit is – it goes with so many things and is just one of those happy foods that make you feel good when you eat it. I truly believe that certain foods have that power. For me, sushi is also one of them – I just feel good when I eat it. Avocados are in many sushi items. Coincidence?

 I plated with fresh raspberries (I’m on a berry and yogurt breakfast kick, other than this breakfast this week, I made a breakfast of Greek yogurt, berries, and granola every day to continue that delicious trend I had going in Florida last weekend!). 

I happened to have just the tiniest bit of caviar left in the fridge and I find that it goes oh so well on eggs. Naturally, this made for some very aesthetic plating!

But more importantly, it was healthy and delicious!! I’ll be trying out a few more dishes with Gimme Lean soon, so stay tuned for some vegetarian meal ideas. Is caviar vegetarian if it’s fish eggs? Is that different from chicken eggs?  Hmmm. 

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