Simple Fresh Tomato Sauce 

I was inspired by the bounty of tomatoes that just don’t quit from my garden to make Italian last night. I don’t know what it is about these cherry tomatoes. And I can’t grow anything else as good as these guys. They’re actually from last year – I planted a different variety but the cherry ones just came back and took over practically the whole lot. I forgot to take a pic of the big bowl of all cherry tomatoes before starting to cook them, so this was the second picking! 

They produce such cute little balls of bursting tangy sweetness and yesterday’s harvest gave so many that I decided to make a fresh sauce. Super easy. I put them all in a sauce pot with a little fresh basil and a little water, covered, and simmered for a long time. Couple hours. 

I added just a little garlic, salt, pepper and oregano. After plenty of cooking time, I let it cook down and then pulsed gently with an immersion blender. 

I didn’t totally smooth it out cause I still wanted that rusticness to it. I then brought it back to a simmer on the stove while I made everything else. 

The veggie accompaniments were roasted oyster mushrooms and asparagus. Drizzled with some truffle oil of course. 

Roast up these babies for about 20-30 min and they get oh so nice and crispy on the edges and meaty in the middle. 

I went with a Buitoni ravioli I saw the other day that sounded yummy – bell pepper and roasted chicken.

Plus it was a pretty color. And yes, it was delicious. If you read often, you know I don’t usually make a carb with my dishes, but sometimes a girl just needs her pasta. This quenched that thirst! Everything finished up about the same time – I love when that happens. 

Gorgeous! Oh wait! More sauce and a sprig of fresh basil for looks!

I paired this delish dish with a great 2012 red blend from Clos du Val, the Three Graces Blend. Yummmm!!

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