Delicious and Healthy Dinner

I had a bump in the road Thursday night when I made dinner – just a lapse in judgment, inspiration, forethought, etc…  I guess the equivalent of writer’s block for a cook. You could’ve called it some kind of veggie burrito, but I called it a mess. So Friday I had to redeem myself. Just for my own edification. I started with a fresh salad. 

Greens, cherry tomatoes, red peppers, beets, and walnuts with a drizzle of Lebherz White Peach Balsamic. This is so deliciously sweet with just the right tang of a balsamic vinegar. 

I also just did a basic salmon filet, seared in lemon olive oil with smoked salt and pepper. Not that exciting. The real winner of this dish was the roasted Brussel sprouts. Blew minds with it. I’ve learned a few tricks to making Brussels sing. First, cut them smaller than in half to cook faster. If you have the time, peeling them down to nearly individual leaves is so good – they get super crispy. Then roast them til their mostly medium to dark brown, with some hints of green. Once their done, toss them in something fabulous. 

This time I used the Original Bacon Spread by the Bacon Jams. I lOVE this stuff, as you know from prior writings and pics, I’ve put it on practically everything. The Brussels were like a dessert, all carmelized from the roasting, and the salty sweet of the bacon jam was just divine. 

This was a delicious dish! Mostly veggies, a healthy piece of salmon, and packed full of mouthwatering flavors. Not to mention loads of of vitamins and minerals. I think I’ll call this a superfood dinner (enhanced by two great products – thanks Lebherz and Bacon Jams!!). 

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