Beach of mine…

The Outer Banks isn’t what it was 30 years ago when my family started going. No one really knew about it – we ventured down there initially because it was one of the few beaches around that allowed dogs and had adorable and affordable little beach cottages. Now it’s a major destination on the Atlantic coast and people pack the roads to OBX for all major vacation holidays (and everyone has the round OBX sticker on their car). But it is still wonderful. Although people now know about it, you can still find peacefully secluded spots out of the limelight to chillax, let the tide wash away your stress (it truly does), and drink Corona on the beach. I recommend OBX for any type of getaway – couples, family, or a solo trip – and there are all sorts of rental options.

The Rodanthe/Salvo/Waves locale is the best for quite beach times and has some great eats – stay tuned, as I’m heading down there this week. Happy to give more info and advice on where to eat and stay down here, email me from the website!

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