Truffle and Red Wine Short Ribs!

It’s time for some warm, comfort cooking! I had some short ribs that were perfectly up to the task!

I didn’t quite have time for a full braise, so I decided to try them in the Instapot. I rubbed some black truffle rub on the ribs (I usually go with boneless) and got some truffle oil hot in the pot for searing.

I seared all sides til brown to lock in the first round of flavoring. Truffle. Mmmm! I deglazed the bottom of the pot with some of the red wine I was going with for the ribs and tossed in some diced onions and celery.

I let that sauté a bit, then started adding in! I added some diced tomatoes, some fresh sage and thyme, a can of tomato paste and wine. A generous portion of wine!!

I added back in the ribs and then set the Instapot to pressure cook. Takes about and hour and a half. Then I got the side going, some brussel sprouts tossed in fresh orange and thyme and a little bit of Runamok maple for a touch of sweet!

Roasted up the brussel sprouts on 375 for about 20 min til nice and browned.

The Instapot is a great magic addition to the kitchen! So versatile, just set and go! The ribs were looking great!!

I did some tasting, but really didn’t need to do any last minute tinkering, those flavors all did what they needed to do. Did I mention there was a lot of wine in there?!? About half a bottle of wine.

Perfectly pull-apart tender!! Plated along with the brussel sprouts, this was fabulously delicious!!

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