“Go”-ing by RV!

I wanted to get a couple trips under my belt before I wrote on here about my new toy, just in case I didn’t like it. Well, I don’t like it…I love it!!! I spent a couple weeks intensely researching Class B RVs, which are essentially cargo vans converted into awesome mini-homes!!

My research led me to ultimately settling on the Winnebago Solis PX. It sits on a Dodge Ram chassis and then all things are added. Winnebago thought of everything here – kitchen, toilet, indoor and outdoor shower, generator with AC, pop top for extra sleeping, and more. Winnebago had the best reputation, so it won the contest for me. The size (it can fit in most spaces and is the same size as a big pick up truck at 21 feet long, it’s just taller) and the features of the Solis definitely called out to me.

No, I had never taken an RV trip before, and the hubs said we should rent first, to which I said, yeah, probably, but I just want to buy it!! Something about it just felt right for a girl who loves traveling and has been essentially grounded the last several months due to COVID. This was a new way to travel, a new adventure, and the timing was right. Of course, when I decide I want something, I want it now – but for this I had to wait a few weeks because apparently everyone wanted this and there was a backlog!! But when it arrived, I was elated! Beckleys RV in Thurmont, MD helped me get this new adventure vessel!

I bought lots and lots of stuff to make my tiny mobile house a home – like soft bed linens (you’ll need a good mattress and mattress topper which I eventually figured out, as the cushions that come with it were not comfy enough for me) and a dog bed for the pooch. And ready for our first trip!! We got it geared up for a short jaunt out on our first one-nighter.

I joined a program called Harvest Hosts where you can park your RV overnight at wineries, breweries, farms, and a few other types of places around the country for free!! Membership is only $80 for the whole year. Easy peasy, pretty much right up my alley. So we found a brewery in a little town in VA called Colonial Beach. As native east coasters, my husband and I were surprised we never heard of this town. It was cute, quaint, and felt like the town time forgot!

The Colonial Beach Brewery has plenty of good beers to choose from, we tried a couple before heading down to the beach just a block away.

The pup loves the beach and Colonial Beach has a nice little strip where she got to play plenty of ball!

We headed back to the van to change and go grab dinner. Having the van has endless benefits – everything you need is right there. We found a great spot for dinner right on the beach, High Tides, with a great water view!

We went back to the brewery for some after dinner beer and live music on the outdoor patio. So nice!!

Then got cozied up in the camper for bedtime with a little music in the background. Things quieted pretty early, but I was too excited to actually sleep cause it’s just so cool!!! We woke up, gave the pup breakfast al fresco, and headed to the water as the sun was coming up for a little walk while we waited for the coffee shop (Julie’s Coffee Shop) right next door to the brewery to open.

And that was just our first trip!!! Our next one was a two-nighter, packed with great hiking and much more awesomeness!!! I’ll tell you about that in just a little bit!! But if you’re thinking about getting one of these small RVs, do it! You’ll love it!! We’re still learning, as it is very smart and kinda complicated for the novice, but we are figuring it out!!

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