Perfect Pairing: Steak and Wine

Does is get more tradish that pairing a hearty steak with a bold red? Well, I kept with tradition last night. I hope you are all trying your hand at impressing yourself with fabulous dishes during this time. I sure am!!

I haven’t been eating much red meat lately, but I was really feeling like a steak this week. So I got a lovely hanger steak yesterday, as the store presented me with a bountiful selection. I always forget how good this cut is. It’s rich, tender, and delicious. It’s quite different than filet mignon, a cut I also love, of course, it’s kind of like the unsung hero of steaks. I had a nice truffle rub by Williams Sonoma and lightly dusted the steaks.

I got some broccoli and baby Bella mushrooms roasting up in the oven with some truffle oil, a little diced onion, salt, pepper, and thyme while I prepped the steak and selected the wine (which means choose, open, and sip on while cooking). I added some fresh thyme to the steak too – it’s growing very nicely in my herb box these days!

I heated up white truffle oil in a sauté pan and got the steaks in for a nice sear on each side.

It doesn’t take long, just enough to get each side brown with a little crisp – on a medium high heat, about 2 minutes for each side. Then I finished in the oven with the veggies just for five minutes.

Keep it in longer if you like you steak more cooked, but I like rare to mid-rare. This came out perfect!! Be sure to let the steak rest on a cool surface before cutting to lock in the juices. I sliced it up and plated with the veggies and then drizzled the steak with a rich, chocolate balsamic for some sweet tang to go with the savory, salty truffle rub – yeah, I like to hit all the notes!

The wine I selected was absolutely perfect – a 2014 Cabernet Franc by Markham. I felt like I was back in Napa. Its deep, rich, dark fruit flavors, chalky tanins, and silky finish made my mouth happy. And with a bite of the succulent hanger steak, ahhhhhh.

Eat and drink well during this time!! Splurge at the grocery store and make yourself some great dishes!

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