Cooking through Quarantine – a satisfying Thai peanut stir fry!

I have been incredibly derelict in my blogging about cooking, drinking, and otherwise surviving COVID, though I have been putting up a lot of captioned pics on Instagram, so hopefully you check me out on there too. I’ve made many good dishes, some great cocktails, and remain committed to eating and drinking well during this challenging time.

Here is some inspiration for you for a nice and easy stir fry, please be creative and make it how you like it. No rules! I begin by collecting the ingredients available from the fridge – a protein (chicken thighs this time) and veggies. Had a great veggie selection of carrots, celery, yellow bell pepper, corn (frozen is just fine), peas (also frozen), broccoli (frozen – a first for me). I had a can of water chestnuts too, a fave of mine in Chinese food. And some red cabbage for a healthy rice alternative for a base.

I heated up some sesame oil in the wok and then added the hard veggies (carrots, celery, water chestnuts) and soy sauce. I cut up the chicken into small pieces and tossed in a bowl with some sesame oil, Thai spice blend, and then added to the wok once it was nice a bubbly. I added in the rest of the veggies.

I let it all sauté together in the wok for a bit and then in a separate pan, I sautéed the cabbage with a little sesame oil, soy sauce, and white balsamic vinegar.

I made a peanut sauce to top it all off with which includes peanut butter (I usually use peanut butter powder, but I was indulging a little), soy sauce, sesame oil, and honey. You can add some sriracha if you like it spicy! Then I plated the cabbage and added the stir fry atop.

I generously spooned on the peanut sauce, sprinkled on some sesame seeds, and voila!!

It came out absolutely delicious and so satisfying. Those umami flavors just really hit the spot, my tummy is growling now as I’m writing this!!

I’m sorry for not having pics of the earlier how-to steps, but I’m sure you can fill in and make it great! I’ll be better about my how-to next time!! Promise! Meanwhile, be safe, be healthy, and make yourself some great home cooked dishes while you’ve got the time!

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