Solomon’s Island Maryland

For a quaint little weekend getaway, B&B style, you’ll find it here on Solomon’s Island. My husband wanted to whisk me away for our anniversary this year, but my schedule this summer didn’t really comport with the whisking idea. However, we delayed the celebration to a lovely fall weekend, and everything fell right into place. Never underestimate the power of “getting away” – even if you love the home and think you’re in charge of your stress, it’s still a great thing to do!

We had a very comfortable stay at Solomon’s Victorian Inn, run by a sweet British host making sure you felt like family.

We had a really cool room on the top level, once the attic, which felt like you were inside of a great ship. Not for the super tall, as there were a few head bump hazards with the tapered ceilings! There were multiple look out points with sitting areas and windows to gaze upon the docks, the sunrise, and the sunset.

The bed was nice and comfy and the jacuzzi tub in the room was very relaxing!!

Our first evening, we had a great view of the sunset walking along the water walk to The Pier restaurant.

Has a delicious dinner of surf and turf (lobster and steak). Not too frilly or over topped, just perfectly cooked lobster in big, succulent chunks and some perfectly mid-rare seared tenderloin. It was so yummy!!

Sittin on the Dock of the Bay, quite literally, with my honey was such a perfect evening!

We went over to the Tiki Bar after dinner to hear the band (who was awesome!! Hydrafx, catch ’em if you’re in town!) and enjoy a beach-like setting of sand, tiki hut bars, and Adirondack chairs. A great spot for a live bar scene and fun live music (and not too late! Bands generally start around 6 or 7.

In the morning, we went out for a nice long pre-breakfast walk around the island and watched the sunrise up from the water.

Such a sweet and quaint little waterside town. Many small boats lined the edge and let your mind wonder about what it’d be like to have one. And how big of one you want. And then you think about the upkeep and realize having friends with boats is more fun!!

Breakfast our first morning at the Victorian Inn was great – stuffed French toast and sausage, a good fill-up for an active day ahead. We chatted with our fellow guests and mulled over what to do today.

One thing I love about B&B travel is the kindness of everyone. The hosts and guests alike, it’s always such a warm and welcoming environment, at least in my experiences. “Here’s our house, enjoy and just keep it down after 10pm (fine for us early birds!!).” “What did you strangers-now-friends decide to do today?” “How was that restaurant?” So pleasant, reminds me that there are nice people out there (a nice break from the daily grind of a sometime kill-or-be-killed commute!).

We decided to just see where the day took us and drove to several points into the water down Maryland’s odd-shaped Chesapeake Bay shoreline where the rivers meet up with the Bay.

We went to old St. Mary’s and saw the old town structures from the 1600s and walked down to the little dockside and beach area. Quiet, serene water views abounded. We headed over to Point Lookout and Myrtle Point for a little hiking around.

After hiking around the water’s edge all day, most spots are within about a 15 minute drive or so from Solomon’s Island, we headed back to the island to relax at the Tiki Bar.

Walked around the island a little more deciding what to do our second and last evening here.

A handful of restaurants, a few little shops, a class class offering with a little culinary store (of course I had to stop in there), and plenty of spots along the water to sit and think, or to just sit make up this lovely little water town of Solomon’s Island. Try it for a nice weekend getaway in MD!

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