Instapot: Red Wine Short Ribs

New to me, but not new to market, is the Instapot. I haven’t tried much with it, but what I have tried has been great!! The pressure cooker – when you don’t have time for a 3-4 hour braise, it’s right on. I have had great success with pulled pork in here and decided to try out some short ribs, which I usually slow braise. It wasn’t quite as perfect as the slow braise, fork tender, fall apart ones I’ve been able to pull off in the past, but it was pretty damn good for an hour of cookin in the Instapot!

I coated the short ribs in a dry coffee rub with some pepper and then seared them right in the Instapot on the sauté setting in some truffle oil.

Get all sides nice and browned, then remove from the pot and deglaze the pot with red wine and a little more truffle oil. Next, toss in the mire poix for a sauté (peppers, carrots, onion, chopped small).

Then I added the hunks of meat back into the pot, added about a cup of wine (a good one you want to drink – this Apothic Inferno is a red wine aged in bourbon barrels and is lovely). I may have splashed in a little bourbon too just to bring out the bourbon barrel-y-ness!

Then close and turn on the pressure cooker setting for 40 minutes and let that baby go to work! While the ribs were cooking, I cut up some heirloom fingerling potatoes – so pretty!! Purple taters!!

I tossed them with truffle oil and fresh rosemary.

I spread them on a baking sheet with some Brussel sprouts and sprinkled on a little salt and pepper.

Roasted em for about half hour til crispy. As things were a cookin, I got some sliced baby Bella mushrooms in truffle oil and basil to toss into the Instapot sauce left after after the ribs.

I let the pressure cooking finish off, then took the ribs out. Mmmm meat!!

I turned the pot up to sauté and added the shrooms to the liquid to soak up and reduce.

Added in a little quick roux of cornstarch and red wine to thicken it up and a little sweetness from some bourbon barrel maple syrup.

Stir til thick, let the liquid reduce by about half and put the meat back in to soak in some more sauce.

Steamy! I let it cook down on sauté a little more and then I scooped out about half of the sauce to make the base for plating everything, leaving the rest to top things off.

Added in the roasted potatoes and brussels and then topped with the lovely short ribs!!

Add on the rest of the sauce. Et voilà!!! A deliciously decadent red wine short rib dish in about a third of the time this dish usually takes me thanks to my new friend the Instapot!

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