Fun with the Air Fryer!

I got an air fryer for Christmas this year and have already put it to good use. The chicken wings I made were excellent and very easy. Next, I decided to do fries and nuggets, the perfect football food this past Sunday (sorry it took a few days to write about it!). I grabbed sweet and white potatoes, as the hubs and I have different fry preferences – I prefer regular white, he prefers sweet potato. I fry-cut each.

I had to make the white potatoes truffle fries, of course, so I tossed them in a little truffle oil and truffle rub.

I tossed the sweet potato fries in just a little EVOO.

Then I got the sweet potato fries in the fry basket of the fryer and was ready to get em crisp!

It is literally just the push of a button – there’s a fries setting (are that little pic of fries in the upper left?) and you just need to shake em up a couple times during the fry. I decided the fries needed multiple dipping options, so I did a truffle mayo, a bacon aioli, a truffle mustard ketchup, and a regular ketchup.

I added a great truffle sauce to some mayo for the first one, thinned out the ready made bacon aioli, and mixed the truffle mustard into some ketchup.

I love dipping things into thing!! Love. I kept the fries warm in the oven on a low setting as I made each batch.

Sweet potato fries go stay warm, now to make the truffle fries.

Same deal – use the fries setting on the air fryer, shake a couple times, fry in there til browned, then keep them warm in the oven with the sweet potato fries while I get the nuggets goin!

So for the nuggets, I used the trick I heard Chic-fil-A does for their amazing chicken…pickle juice!!!!! It works and it’s delicious!! I’d have to say that the nuggets came out even better than the fries in here!

I cut up some chicken thighs (I’m sure breasts are fine too, but I had thighs on hand) into small chunks and got them soaking in the pickle juice while all the French fry stuff was happening, so about an hour.

Let it just soak up that pickle juice!! Crazy, right?? Yeah, crazy genius. What else are you gonna do with pickle juice? Bravo, Chic-fil-A.

Then I tossed the nugs in a little flour, paprika, and garlic powder.

I find that shaking stuff up in a ziplock bag is the easiest way to coat things. Then, I put the nuggets right into the fry basket and used the same setting as the fries (the recipe book that comes with the air fryer gives you the setting recommendations).

Fries were keepin warm in the oven.

The chicken nuggets didn’t take long, about 15-18 minutes, with a shake up in the middle of cooking time. I chose two dipping sauces for the nuggets, a yummy honey mustard by Sweet Baby Rays and a tasty orange BBQ sauce by Olivier.

I kept the nuggets warm with the fries in the oven while I selected the beer flight to pair. Settled on some goodies!!

A great dark brown ale by Flying Dog, a chocolate peanut butter porter by DuClaw, and a dark chocolate stout by Brooklyn Brewery. Mmm!! Ok, so maybe this wasn’t the healthiest of meals I’ve made, but hey, at least it wasn’t really fried!! It was “air fried!!!!”

Plated em all up nicely and got settled in for some football play off games and delicious eats and drinks!!

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