Happy 2019! New Year’s Eve treats!

Here’s to a great new year filled with all good things! Like good food, good drink, and good travel!!

We started off the celebration with some fun food that I wanted to tell you about. First, I busted out the Himalayan salt block for the first time in a couple years. It’s not the easiest thing to use, but it’s very exciting.

You heat it slowly til it gets to the point where it can sear (til a few water drops sizzle on its surface). Do not touch it! I cut up some big chunks of sirloin to sear up.

I drizzled just a tiny bit of truffle oil on them. You don’t really need any seasoning, the salt block infuses a nice light salting as it cooks the meat. Once the block was ready, I placed the hunks of beef on it.

Sizzle sizzle. I turned them so each side browned, it doesn’t take long. Same as a pan.

See how it sizzles? So fun. Obviously don’t touch the block. You don’t need to, it’s like it’s own surface. It’s very stable seeing as how it’s weighs probably a good four or five pounds. I let the steaks rest a few minutes and then made thin slices.

Perfectly rare in the middle. We placed the slices on some crostini and added a little arugula.

I had a nice cognac mustard by Olivier to dollop on top!!

Mmm! These were great!! A perfect little savory bite!

We also made tuna tacos. To make the shells, I used potsticker wrappers, but next time I’ll use wonton wrappers. The potsticker wrappers are too thick, FYI. I used the reverse side of a muffin tin to cook the shells into a taco shape. It was not the easiest, so this needs a little workshopping.

Then, we diced up the tuna into chunks and tossed them with a little orange olive oil, salt, and pepper. We scooped tuna into the shells.

Then topped with a little arugula and a creamy avocado wasabi sauce.

Tada! I love raw tuna. Something about it is so satisfying!! I remember the first time I tried it and was just amazed that raw fish could be so great. There was much more tasty treats we made for our party, including some delicious crab balls!!

Our spread was so yummy!! My mouth is watering now just thinking back to all of it!!

But the best part of New Year’s Eve for me was spending time with my favorite people and ringing in a New Year filled with hope and love with them!! I hope you had a fun NYE and wish you all the best in 2019.

I’m also going to try to be better about writing more often. I have a lot of exciting trips coming up in 2019!!

One thought on “Happy 2019! New Year’s Eve treats!

  1. Happy New Year Go Girl! Beautiful looking and totally to drool for, as your posts always are! The reversed muffin pan with the potstickers is a totally brill idea too! You’ve inspired me to try making steak again. Can’t wait to see what your 2019 blogs will be!!!!


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