Vegetable Potstickers

Believe me when I tell you that my lack of posting is not due to a lack of eating. In fact, I feel like I haven’t stopped eating gratuitously since Thanksgiving. That’s what January is for – to get back on track!! Meanwhile, I’ll continue to indulge. I made homemade vegetable potstickers the other night and they came out great!

I started by dicing up the veggies really small. I used a broccoli slaw mix, bell pepper medley, and celery.

Dice dice dice. Then I diced up some onion (bout 1/4 of a big one) and a couple cloves of garlic.

I added in some roasted garlic olive oil, rice wine vinegar, and a little soy sauce to toss the veggies around in and let chill for a little bit. Then when it was time to get cooking, I heated up a pan with a little cooking spray and added in the veggies.

I let them sautée down and added vegetable broth periodically to soak in a soften things.

I added a little cornstarch to make it just a tiny bit pasty.

Let the veggies get nice and soft, but still with a little crunch. Then lay out the potsticker wrappers.

I placed spoonfuls of the veggies in the middle of each.

Then I got a small cup of water to dip my finger tips in for folding and sealing the packets. The water is like glue, you just need a little on the edges.

Fold over into half moons, giving them a good seal so nothing leaks out.

Then grab a fork and press the edges down firmly.

Get a pan good and hot with a little oil to sear then off before steaming.

Just til the bottom is brown.

Then, get a steaming situation set up. You can use a vegetable steamer, which I thought I had but couldn’t locate, or a fry basket like this. I got a recommendation to use stock instead of water to steam, thanks sis!!

Just a little liquid in the pan to get a steam going. Lay the potstickers in the basket and cover to steam!

Steam for about ten minutes or so, til they look cooked through and glossy. I had a nice sesame garlic sauce from Wegmans to dip them in – a good dipping sauce is a must. You can also make any kinda soy sauce based dipper!

And voila!! Veggie potstickers! Mmm!!

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