Latkes Rock!!

It only comes but once a year for me – the potato latke. I don’t know why we don’t make them more. Perhaps just to preserve the sanctity of tradition.

At Hanukkah, we fry stuff in oil to commemorate the miracle of light back in the day when only a tiny bit of oil lasted for eight holy nights after the destruction of the Temple. I’m sure there’s plenty more info about Hanukkah online, but here’s how we do! Gather the family and eat latkes!!!

Grate up at least five pounds of potatoes, two onions, a couple eggs, some flour, and mix that up!! Then, form into small patties and plop the into dangerously hot vegetable oil! Wear an apron.

I forgot to get prep pics, as I was too excited to get to the eating part!! Making latkes is truly an art, not a science, and everyone’s latke is different. That’s ok!! Do how you do and have fun making them with the fam!! You don’t have to be Jewish to enjoy a form of fried potatoes – who doesn’t like that??? And something about latkes always makes me instantly feel like I’m back in my grandma’s house as a little kid. We dress them up a little more now. Some folks do apple sauce on em, some do sour cream. We do both, plus a truffled sour cream and caviar!! Yeah, kicking it up a notch!!

Nothing like a latke.

Eat as many as you can before they disappear!! The last latke…

To all who celebrated it, I hope you had a wonderful Hanukkah and that there were latkes involved!! Happy holidays everyone!!

More to come on here to show off all our holiday celebrations!!

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