The Last of the Thanksgiving Leftovers: Sweet Potato and Cauliflower Soup

I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving this year! One of my favorite things about all the cooking is all the leftovers I know I’ll have and the many things to do with them!! One night we had turkey nachos. Plenty of turkey salads and sandwiches. And last night, I used the last of the sweet potatoes in an idea I had to make a soup, as it was pretty chilly outside. I had half a head of cauliflower in the fridge and decided to blend the two together for a nice warm hearty soup! I also had turkey sausage and fennel on hand for the perfect addition!

I boiled up the cauliflower til soft.

This takes about ten minutes. I chopped up the fennel and got it sautéing in a pan with some EVOO.

Once the cauliflower was nice and soft, I drained out the water. Then I used the immersion blender to get them smooth. I grabbed the leftover sweet potatoes.

I added them to the cauliflower and continued to blend. It was super thick, so I first thinned it with some apple cider.

I put it back on the stove and continued to thin it out with some vegetable stock, but still keeping it pretty thick.

Meanwhile, I added the turkey sausage, cut up into chunks, into the fennel sauté.

The fennel was good and browned, so I just needed to cook the sausage through.

The soup was thick and rich. The apple cider and vegetable stock additions were perfect to get to the right consistency. Just keep adding til it’s what you want on your spoon! I only had to add in a little salt and pepper for some extra pop.

I ladled the soup into deep bowls and added the sausage and fennel on top!!

Sooooo yummy and absolutely satisfying!! Oh the fun to be had with leftovers!

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