Thanksgiving 2018

I have been so busy eating since Turkey Day that I forgot all about blogging! And I can’t stop eating, drinking, and thinking about eating and drinking!! So here are a few great foods we made for the big day this year! Please forgive the lack of how-to-ness here, I promise I’ll get back on track shortly!!

The turkey started early with a nice citrus herb and butter rub down.

The key to juicy turkey is lots of basting. I basted every half hour with apple cider, fresh orange juice, and the drippings once it started making them. Soooooo juicy a turkey this year!!

I love carving the Turkey too, I don’t let anyone else do it, so I can get it just right and then graciously dole out the delicious skin (my favorite part) to all who join me in the kitchen!!

I made my Southern Comfort sweet potatoes by boiling the taters and then mashing them up with butter, milk, smoked maple syrup, cinnamon, and Souther Comfort. I topped it with brown sugar and baked til brown.

My sis made maple bacon brussel sprouts which were so yummy!!

And my mom made the family favorite stuffing, I absolutely adore this Thanksgiving must have!!

We had roasted garlic mashed potatoes too, cause you have to have both white and sweet potatoes on this day!! Carbfest!!

And so much more… Everything was absolute amazing and I just can’t stop digging into the leftovers!!!

I hope you all had a blessed, wonderful Thanksgiving with lots of food and family fun!!

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