Crab Cakes!!

I had some great leftover Maryland lump crabmeat and decided on some good ol crab cakes for dinner last night. They came out great, with a little help from some fresh lemon juice and a great mustard by Olivier.

I used the same mustard to toss some brussel sprouts in before roasting. Added a little EVOO and some garden fresh Roma tomatoes. I love mustards that have the mustard seeds in them, they’re so fun when they pop! I used to hate mustard. Silly little me!

Olivier Napa Valley makes many awesome mustards (and lots of other great condiment type items!). Once the brussels were in, I diced up some peaches and red peppers and sautéed them for a while in a little olive oil with some basil and some mango balsamic.

Then I gently mixed up the crab meat with the mustard, lemon juice, some fresh bread crumbs, fresh basil, and one egg.

I formed them into two big balls for baking

I baked the crab cakes along side the brussel sprouts and then finished them off with a little time under the broiler to crisp the top and edges. I love to top things with other things, so I smashed up some avocado with a hefty squeeze of lemon juice.

Now to plate and top!! I laid down the crab cake, plopped on some avocado, and topped it with the peaches and peppers along side the extra crispy brussel sprouts!

This dish came out great and was so simple, thanks to great ingredients and a few mix-ins like the Olivier Toasted Shallot and Dark Beer mustard and a fresh lemon!

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