Mole-Cherry Lamb Chops

I made this dish a little while ago and just completely forgot to write about it once I split for a little beach vacation! I’m sorry, but since it was definitely worth telling you about, I figured better late than never!!

I started with some good looking lamb from Wegmans, just cooking for one tonight, so three rib chops was a perfect portion. I had some yummy fresh cherries and a random bottle of Chambord.

I also had a mole rub (Mexican seasoning blend with hints of chocolate) still left from my last trip to the Oxbow Market in Napa (where I’ll be going again in a couple weeks so stay tuned!!) and coated the chops both sides.

I smash the cherries to pit them and cut them into smaller slices and then got them bathing in the Chambord to start the cherry sauce topping I planned for.

I decided on a hefty portion of roasted broccoli for my side, drizzled with some smoked EVOO and then got it in the oven on 400.

While the broccoli roasted and the cherries soaked, I got the lamb ready for a sear on each side in a little of the smoked EVOO.

Just a minute or two on each side locks in the flavor and fat, then I finish them in the oven for just a few minutes to medium rare.

I added some truffle balsamic to the cherry sauce to tang it up a little.

When the lamb was done, I removed it from the oven and let it rest. Meat always continues cooking after being taken away from the heat. This is often when over cooking happens, which I forgot this time. So the lamb got just a little more done than I prefer, but still pink inside.

It’s great to have a stove top-to-oven type of pan, just always remember the handle gets hot in the oven!! Keep that potholder on it as a reminder. I took the lamb from the pan and let them rest on the plate while I used the pan juices and bits (love this stuff!!) to finish the cherry sauce.

Let it bubble and reduce down to a thick sauce on a med-high heat for a couple minutes. Get the plate ready for this deliciousness!!

Lamb, are you ready? Here comes the cherry sauce!

This was mouthwatering good. And I paired it with a heavenly chocolate cherry stout by Southern Tier.

What a fabulous dish and a great pairing!!

Yes of course I licked the plate when I was done!

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