Sweet and Smoky Pork with Roasted Brussel Sprouts

This dish sang, and hit all the right flavor notes for sure! I started with a couple of pork chops and spread some sweet and tangy mustard seeds on them.

These seeds were soooo good! They were sweet and tangy and popped in your mouth like caviar! So cool! I sprinkled just a little salt and pepper on each side and let sit for a few.

I got some brussel sprouts cut up and spread out with some EVOO and truffle salt on a baking sheet to get them roasty toasty. At 400 for about 20 minutes usually does it. When they were almost done, I tossed in some chopped up red bell pepper.

I made a toss sauce for the sprouts by mixing some maple balsamic (so delicious), some of the sweet and tangy mustard seeds, a little smoked EVOO, and a few drops of liquid smoke.

First time I’ve tried this liquid smoke, so I was sparing. It would be ok to use a little more. I got some of the smoked EVOO heating up at a mid-high heat in the sauté pan and laid down the pork chops to get a good seared crust on each side, then covered and let cook on a low heat. I dropped a couple drops of the liquid smoke onto the pork as it seared. They take about 4 minutes on each side to sear and then about 5 minutes covered.

Once the Brussels and peppers were nice and crisped, they were ready to be tossed in the toss sauce!!

I tossed them into the bowl with the sauce and made sure they were all good and covered in this tangy, sweet, smoky concoction. Then I plated up!

Mmmm! The sweet and smoky flavored bounced off the tangy balsamic and just danced happy in my mouth with each forkful! So good!!

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