Cookin with Pops!!

Before I begin my blog series about the Summer Fancy Food Show in NYC this past weekend, which of course was fabulous, I wanted to share my dish from my dad’s kitchen. And cooking it together was so special! My dad has called me up on the phone mid-cooking before and just started with a question like “now how long do I sear the scallops on each side?” But now he really knows his was around a scallop – and the salmon! So we had a nice seafood fest at his place.

We had some lovely wild sockeye salmon.

And some nice plump sea scallops.

I wanted to make something sweet and savory for the scallops so I baked up some yummy maple bacon and peaches to mix together with a balsamic. I baked the bacon to a good crisp.

Rough chopped the peaches and baked them with some butter.

Once both were done, I put em in a bowl together and drizzled in a little balsamic.

Mmm!! Set that aside and got on to the seafood. My dad got the butter browning perfectly in the sauté pan for the scallops and the grill pan for the salmon. We began placing them down on their respective searing surfaces!

A good scallop sear is inevitably smile-inducing, right?? Check these guys out!!

Love it when they come out just perfect like that! And it was so fun to share that with my dad. I asked him whether this was what he feels like when I play golf with him and hit a good shot!!

The scallops were done and the salmon was ready for its quick flip to the flesh side after a good sear on the skin.

Ahh, seafood!!! I grabbed a great ready-made salad bag and tossed that up to go with. And viola!! A seafood fest made with love by me and pop!

It was a great meal, but even better because I made it with my dad!! I’ve always cooked with my mom in the kitchen, and grew up so comfortable in there thanks to her! Getting to cook with pops and see how he’s become quite the chef was a blast!

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