Cheesy Truffle Pesto Chicken

Now this was an easy one thanks to two ready made jars of goodies! Sometimes you just don’t know what to with a jar of something that sounds so great – like artichoke and truffle cream – if you don’t want to just slap it on some bread. So here’s an idea!! Cook with it!

I grabbed some thighs, chicken that is. And my trusty bottle of truffle oil to get this started.

Oil the bottom of a baking dish and spread the thighs out on it. Ok, flattened the thighs out. Ok, either way I say that it just doesn’t sound G-rated. I also had a jar of pesto handy – ready made jar of cool stuff! I chopped up tomatoes and added pesto.

Then I added a spoonful of the truffle creammmmmm.

This stuff is delicious. Found it (and the jar of pesto) at Home Goods. Always explore the food section in there for random goodies, in case I haven’t mentioned that before. I mixed up the truffle pesto tomato spread and then smeared it on the chicken thighs.

Pop into the oven with my already going veggies, some Brussel sprouts and cauliflower all chopped up and tossed in truffle oil.

The veggies need more time than the chicken, so they can be roasting while you put the chicken stacks together. Like a 15-20 minute head start at 375. Then they ought to finish together, as the chicken only takes another 15-20 minutes. But before the chicken is done, when there’s about five minutes left, that’s when to add the cheese melt on top. I added shredded mozzarella and Parmesan for a gooey good topping.

The veggies are done when they’re browned, but you can let Brussels get pretty dark and they’re even more delicious.

The cheesy truffle pesto chicken was all a bubblin when I took it out.

Mmm, I can still taste the truffle!! I plated it up and added another layer of truffleness with a truffle balsamic glaze to the veggies.

This dish literally oozed truffle!

One thought on “Cheesy Truffle Pesto Chicken

  1. Love Home Goods too; What a delicious looking way to use those cool finds!! I really enjoy your cheeky ways of step by stepping by us through laying out chicken parts, too. You’re blogs are encouraging, informative and clever fun too. Love you Go Girl 🍷 Cheers to you!
    PS – does Home Goods know what a great fan you are? I go there at least once every week and look for the things you show us!!


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