Taco Tuesday!!

Ok, so I made them on a Monday, but I’m sharing them with you on Tuesday – that counts as Taco Tuesday, right??

This is so simple because you just buy everything and the only thing you have to cook is the meat! It was great in a pinch, which is what my cooking time has been like lately. Ugh!!!! I hate not having lots of play time in the kitchen! Anyhoo…

I use ground turkey for my tacos. Brown it up first in a sauté pan.

Add the taco seasoning per instructions- which is just to add the season pack and some water. Easy peasy!!

While that’s simmering, get out your fixings!! I went with cabbage instead of lettuce for some extra crunch, some yellow peppers, black olives, avocado, Greek yogurt (healthy sub for sour cream), picante sauce, and shredded cheddar.

Cut it all up and place into serving bowls for the Make your own taco station! You can use any toppings you like!! I also found some blue corn tortilla shells, so pretty I couldn’t resist!

Then start fixing away!! I add the meat first but I’m not sure that’s a rule!

My husband was afraid of a taco blowout – rightly so because they often times don’t stay together. So he made his a taco salad!!

These came out so delicious and were so nice and easy to make. Plus it’s fun for peeps to put them together and less for you to do when time is short and the natives get restless!!


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