Valentine’s Day Dinner for Two 2018

At first we thought we’d go out to one of our favorite restaurants, but as Valentine’s Day got closer, I really wanted to stay in with my Valentine. I snuck over to Whole Foods during the day for a quick hit, I had Italian on the brain. I love Italian food, but try to moderate carbs, so pasta isn’t as prevalent in my diet as it once was. But oh how I love it, so I splurged on Valentine’s Day!

I found a nice fresh ravioli stuffed with beets and spinach, and it was pink and white! How fitting! I got anti pasta goodies, some shrimp, and even bread. God I love bread. We opened a nice bottle of red from a trip we took to Virginia Wine Country a couple years ago, a Glen Manor Hodder Hill.

We had our first glass with a nice antipasta plate of prosciutto, mozzarella, olives, artichokes, and roasted tomatoes. Mmm.

Then a little walk with our fuzzy Valentine before the main course. Fresh pasta only needs a few minutes to boil and the ravioli was very delicate, so I kept a close eye.

Plus this was so fitting for Valentine’s Day being that it was red from the beets!! I’ve made my own ravioli and pasta before, which is a labor of love, but this time (since I had no time) I had help from Whole Foods. I added some shrimp tossed in marinara sauce on top.

Needs cheese!!

Poof! And a big ol side of crusty baguette with a dip of truffle oil, pepper, and Parmesan cheese.

Now this was a romantic dinner!! Not as light and healthy as usual, but oh so good!!

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