Vegas 2018 for the Super Bowl: Part 2

Like I said last time, too much good food for one post, had to spread the wealth. We spent our Sunday morning brunch with Mom Ami Gabi. This is my favorite brunch spot, not just because of the good food and great coffee, but also because it’s set right center strip, and the patio and glass dining room give a great view.

I always feel like I need to have smoked salmon when I’m traveling. We ordered the smoked salmon platter and the smoked salmon Benedict and split em.

Cut into the poached egg for the runny shot…

ahh, there it is!! Gotta have this for a good Benedict otherwise it just doesn’t cut it. We were famished and so we also ordered a side of the date-glazed bacon.

I could’ve eaten a whole plate of this. Once replenished, we tooled around town a little, laid down our Super Bowl bets, played some Roulette, and then headed toward our watch spot. For more food!! We don’t do the big parties, just a good place for food where we can see the game. And Burger Bar at Mandalay Bay was perfect. The TVs at the booths give a perfectly unobstructed view for your own personal game watching pleasure. We started with a fry sampler.

Got the skinny fries, the zucchini fries, and of course, the truffle fries. Mmmm!!

The burgers here are delicious and my favorite is the Hubert Keller (named after the chef owner), but after the fries and a salad, we didn’t think we could handle a whole big burger, so we just went with the sliders.

Still tasty!! I paired the game eats with a yummy chocolate stout by Samuel Smith.

Definitely great choices for the game eats, and best the part – our team won!! Yay Eagles! Finally made a few bucks on the game this year!! Of course, in Vegas, wins don’t last long if you keep playing. But I didn’t do too bad this year. I think I broke even.

Our adventure day was a hike out in the Red Rock Canyons. I did this back in October and just had to go back. Such a great hiking spot and the weather was perfect. I won’t do another write up, see the one from October, just a few great pics for ya!! You gotta get out here if you like to hike!! I really want to try more of the trails!!

You can even see the strip from the end of the hike at Calico Tanks (moderate level, but a good work out, takes about two hours).

After a good hike, we spa-d. I really like the spa at the Cosmopolitan. They don’t let it get too crowded, the pools are right across the way, and there are plenty of relaxation spots to chill in the space. A hot sauna, a hot and a cold steam room, and a great big jacuzzi with a pretty rainfall in the middle. Couldn’t get pics in there!! I had a hot stone massage. Aahhhh!! Thinking back to it now. It definitely wasn’t long enough to melt away all this east coast stress!!

For our last dinner, we went somewhere we hadn’t gone to in years, but wanted to try it out because we often copy our favorite dish from Yellowtail at the Bellagio – their tuna pizza. And it’s where I first had a cucumber cocktail. So we had to try those!! The cucumber martini was delish!!

Smooth, subtly sweet and mucho cucumber! Yellowtail has a great atmosphere and excellent service, set right off of the casino floor, but not too loud if you sit inside. Or you can sit on the outside, which is basically in the casino. The tuna pizza was as good as we remembered, but I have to say, we do a pretty good job recreating it!!

Raw tuna and truffle oil are a magic combo. The seaweed salad was also delicious, combining two different kinds of seaweed in a sweet and savory sesame sauce.

We got a couple sushi rolls, pretty tasty, but Vegas pricey.

We kept it light at Yellowtail for our early dinner so that we could indulge late night at my favorite pizza joint on the strip – Five 50 at the Aria. The Forager, with wild mushrooms, ricotta, and mozzarella was amazing!!!

And so good with a glass of cheap red from the casino!! I can’t wait to try their whole truffle pizza next time!

Cheers Vegas!! A fantastic 2018 Super Bowl weekend with nothing but great memories!! Til next time!!

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