Vegas 2018 for the Super Bowl! Part 1

If you’ve followed the blog, you know I’m a big fan of Las Vegas. And I go every year for Super Bowl weekend as a girls trip tradition. This year was a blast – and not just because the team I was rooting for won. Ok, so that helped. We had a fabulous time from start to finish.

Upon arrival, we are always hungry after a long flight, so it’s a tradition to stop for a slice at secret pizza at the Cosmopolitan, where we were staying. Cosmopolitan is my favorite for location and views. Secret pizza is what most people call it because it doesn’t have a name, it’s just a little pizza joint tucked into a corner down an unmarked hallway. And I’ve come to enjoy the cheap boxed wine served in a good sized cup!

Their pizza always hits the spot and recharges me to go get ready for Vegas!!

We got the Terrace suite with a great view of the Bellagio Fountains. Only problem with the room was that there was no full length mirror. But what a view!!!

By day and by night, this is the Strip view I want. What is it about dancing waters that makes me smile uncontrollably?

Our first night in Vegas, we always go to Olives in the Bellagio, however, good thing I checked ahead because unfortunately, Olives closed this year. Sad. So we hunted around for a restaurant in Vegas – only challenge was narrowing it down.

We wanted to try something we hadn’t tried before, so we settled on Sage in the Aria. Excellent choice!!! We shimmied up to the bar and nixed our table reservation. I always prefer eating at the bar. Usually it’s better service, you can shoot the breeze with the bartender, get good recommendations, and sometimes even free tastes. We started with a cucumber cocktail.

The cucumber infused ice was so cool!!! I even asked for the bartender to fill my glass with water after the drink so I could continue enjoying those cucumber cubes!! My friend got the Cotton Candy. It’s about the presentation!

Hopefully the video went through. The cocktail was poured over the cotton candy, instantly melting it into the drink. Cool show!! I ordered a delicious roasted beet salad with a coffee vinaigrette and a “dust” that tasted like mocha. So interestingly delicious.

There were so many components to this otherwise simple beet salad and everything played together beautifully. Speaking of playing beautifully, the entertainment in the lounge area was awesome!! A string duo (guitar and electric violin/cello) played today’s hits set to string and it was awesome. I always find that good music makes for a huge enhancement to my dinner experiences. We also ordered the Waygu beef tartare. I was impressed with the portion sizes, so considering that, the prices were pretty decent.

My friend ordered the scallops, a lovely presentation and paired creatively with braised oxtail.

This was a big eating trip and too much to cover in one train ride’s blogging time, so stay tuned for more to come shortly!! Next up, brunch tradition, Burger Bar, some great hiking, and the best pizza!!

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