Dinner for One!

I had a rare night to myself so I made some of my favorite deliciously decadent delights! And no actual cooking involved. Just artful assembly of a salmon tartare martini and a heavenly cheese plate. I started with some fresh sushi grade salmon.

Diced up some mango…

Then mixed the two together with some awesome jalapeño garlic olive oil by Calivirgin.

I love this oil – it’s not too spicy and just gives the essence of jalapeño and garlic within a soft rich olive oil. Then I diced up some cucumber and some avocado for the layering.

Grabbed a large martini glass and just piled on layers of yum!!

I had some coconut chips on hand so I dropped a few on top for some crunch.

I made a little sauce for the salmon tartare-tini comprised of wasabi, soy sauce, and some pineapple white balsamic. This was amazing!!! I love raw salmon and tuna, slimy yet satisfying!

To go with the salmon tartare-tini, I put together a great cheese plate for one, starting with one of my faves by Cypress Grove – the Truffle Tremor.

This cheese is a must if you like truffle flavor. It’s so delicious, it’s like if Brie and Boucheron had a baby and then sprinkled truffles on it. I also got some other goodies to pair with it – a balsamic flavored aged cheddar, Bellavitano by Sartori, and another aged, crystalline reserve cheese by Beemster.

Put em all on a plate with some Medjool dates and hazelnuts. Mmm.

I selected a great wine to tap with the Coravin for just a glass – the 2012 Merlot by Markham.

I’m sure I could easily drink the bottle of this, but I was moderating last night. Why? Because New Years Eve is tomorrow and surely the booze will be free flowing!! Stay tuned for good stuff we make for NYE dinner. Meanwhile, goodnight, 2017!!

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