Truffle Potato Chip Crusted Pork

What, you ask? Yes, I used potato chips as a crust. That’s right! And just a few ingredients!

I had a bowl of truffle potato chips out and didn’t want to finish them all and spoil dinner, so they became part of dinner! I also had a couple of pork chops handy. And, thus, the idea was born.

Then, I magically turned the bowl of chips to crumbs!

Ta-da! I rolled the pork chops in the chip crumbs to get them covered.

Then I got some yummy veggies going for a side, some brussel sprouts and butter nut squash.

Sprinkled some smoked olive oil and smoked salt on them and roasted til toasted!

I got a pan going with some mushroom sage olive oil to fry up the potato chip crusted pork.

Love these flavorful oils!! You can use pretty much any flavors you like and they just give that little essence to your dish. Seared each side.

Then I popped the chops in the oven to finish them off. They don’t need very long in there, pork cooks pretty quick and it’s ok if it’s just a tiny bit pink. You can get a pretty accurate touch test with pork – if it’s firm, it’s done.

I love the oven safe pans that you can go right from stove top to oven, saves on cleaning, just remember to always use the potholder!! And viola!

Doesn’t that look delicious?? My mouth is watering now just thinking back to it. I plated the pork and veggies together.

And because I always love a good glaze, I grabbed some truffle glaze, which I usually have on hand, to top it off.

You can find these glazes at Home Goods or Williams Sonoma. I love how the truffly balsamic flavors really give a nice punch. And since this dish was heavily truffled, it worked great!!

I actually saved the drink for after dinner to enjoy fireside – some more of that insanely good Goose Island Bourbon County.

Yes, my golden made a cameo. And drinking this incredible bourbon barrel aged stout out of a giant brandy snifter made me feel oh so fancy!

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