Happy Hanukkah!

One of the best things about Hanukkah is for sure the latkes, or potato pancakes for those of you who may not know of this goodness. I love potatoes, but you know the whole carb thing. However, when Hanukkah is here, I hold back nothing. Carb me baby!!

Many a recipe for latkes exists. Ours is loosely based on our grandma’s version, but we go by feel rather then recipe. This time, we used five pounds of Yukon gold potatoes, one large onion, two eggs, and a few table spoons of flour. We like em crispy, so we grate the potatoes and mix all this goodness together. Then hit with truffle salt, cause why not. And some pepper.

Get your frying pans hot with about an inch deep of vegetable oil and get heated up for some serious frying!! We plop small handful sized blobs of potato goodness carefully into the hot oil.

The symbolism behind the latkes has to do with the oil. When the temples were destroyed, the Jewish people found there was only enough oil left to burn their lamps for one night. But a miracle occurred and that smidge of oil last for eight nights!! So we celebrate Hanukkah for eight nights, light the candles for each night, and eat stuff fried in oil. Enter the latkes!! The trick is not flipping them too soon. Wait til the bottom gets brown – we never have patience the first round.

It takes several batches to get through the mix, which no matter how much you make, it’ll never be enough because these things are highly addictive. We place them on a wire rack for the excess oil to drip off and then we can keep them warm in the oven.

And boom, latkes!! The delicious food of the chosen people. I love me some of my Jewish tradition’s food!! It smells, tastes, and sounds like my childhood and we always spend good family time together during Hanukkah. And every year, the latkes get better than I remembered them the year before!

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